Podium in Hyères

Podium in Hyères

Bronze Medal in our second ISAF WorldCup of the season

After a few days of training with SST Coach Sebbe Godefroid, we participated in our 2nd ISAF World Cup of the season. Sebbe as an ex-Olympic class tornado sailor could bring a huge amount of technical experience to our team and we were able to quickly improve; particularly in the light winds which had been an area of concern in the Palma regatta.

After two moderate opening races we were able to improve each day which was really positive. We were able to advance in the areas of our technical and strategic goals, and had awesome starts  and great boat speed across the 12-18knot wind range. The week was a huge step forward as we not only became more familiar with the boat but could also regularly place in the top 5. We also won our first ISAF World Cup race; and were provisional 1st place and 2nd place holders on different days getting to wear the 'maillot jaune' (yellow leaders jersey).

Thankyou all for your support! We are looking forward to our next European tour event in Medemblick at the end of May!


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