Eurosaf Kielerwoche

Eurosaf Kielerwoche

A windy and gusty medal race. We did the whole first lap in first position, finishing 5th overall! Happy ...

26/ 06 / 2013
We sailed on the North course with a very gusty wind and a bit of waves. We decided to sail safe as we had not trained enought to push in those conditions. After a super good start and a good upwind strategy, we rounded the top mark in first position. Unfortunately the group caught us a bit on the downwind as they were sailing full speed on us with a strong gust. We did a small mistake upwind and we ended up 5th overall. It was a really close and exciting race.

We finished this Kielweek in 5th position overall, we were quite happy after such a small amount of training days these last few weeks. After 10 days of break, we are already looking forward to heading back up to Holland, to prepare our World Championship.


25 / 06 / 2013

Today the wind turned from 260° to 300° with gusts up to 15knts. We were back sailing on our normal race course and the right side was again more powerful with better pressures.

We managed a really good first race, where we ended up fighting with our training partner Ikker Martinez ESP. We took a good 2nd position. Then second race, we messed up a little the tactic and had to fight to come back into the top 10. We finaly did a 4th to enter the medal race in 5th position. Tomorrow, we go into the medal race with the points of our placing (for us 5 points). Then we add the point of one medale race which count single. Let's go for this podium!!! Go go go


24/ 06/ 2013
Today we were sailing on the TV area, super close to the shore. The wind was irregular in pression and direction, 30° shifts with 5-16knts. A stressful day for the tacticians :)

First race we got the right pressure and super good speed, we could finish with a 3rd. Then the wind got a bit crazy for the second race. We didnt manage to take the first gust after the start and we were trying to catch up during the whole race. For the 3rd race, the wind increased a lot up to 17knts under a big black cloud. A 5th position at the last race put us 5th overall out of 29 Nacras from 9 nation.  We still have 3 races to go tomorrow! Full on !


23 / 06 / 2013

Tricky wind with 30° shifts and gusts to 20knts. We were sailing safe today, didnt want to break anything or capzise. First race we managed pretty good the tactic and were 2nd for 3 laps, but just did a little mistake on the last downind and finished 4th. For the second race, we did an awesome port start at the pin end, to be 1st for 3 laps and again on the last lap we missed a shift and finished 4th. A bit disapointing. For the 3rd race, we wind drop to 8knts with gust up to 15, so quite a lot to play with the pressures. It was super tricky and after a terrible first upwind, we had to catch up the all race and ended up 9th. So after a quite reasonable day (4th, 4th, 9th) we are climbing in the general results. Still 2 days to race before the medal racee only for the top 6 boats.


22 / 06 / 2013

Super première manche dans 15-17knts. On se bat dans le groupe de tête pour ensuite finir 2ème juste sur le dernier bord de près.
Le vent devient très oscillant avec de gros trous de pression sur le plan d'eau. On manage plus ou moins bien les pressions pour être 6ème mais notre layline sur le bateau arrivée est un peu short et on chavire quelque mètres avant la fin. Mati tombe dans la GV et la casse. Nous pouvons pas partir pour la 3ème manche.
On a beaucoup appris ... A mettre en pratique demain dans 18-22knts!


21 / 06 / 2013

After a good 4 days training session in Kiel, we are ready to start racing tomorrow. After Medemblick, we both had to stop the Nacra for 3 weeks...each for different reason. Mati had quite of an intense sailing session on the GC32 competing on the bol d'or and Genève-Rolle. And Nat had to finish her Master exams at Uni. So all done, she flew straight to Kiel on Monday to jump on the boat. The transition is quite hard after 3 weeks of intense studying. But happy to be on the water again.


DSC 0520 2


 We had a good training session with our coach Sebbe, the other Swiss Team and our training partner Iker Martinez from Spain. We had 3 days of light wind 1-8knts and today, the breeze came in til 18knts. So quite interesting after a light session training.

A bit of boat work and our boat is in a perfect shape to start racing tomorrow.
Look forward!


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