World Championship

World Championship

BRONZE MEDAL at the Nacra 17 World Championship !!!

27/ 07 / 2013

Such a nice achievement for us! We are super happy to finish 3rd. All the best nations were sailing here and we could show our potential and ambition for the next years ... until the Olympics in Rio.

podium mati-nat


and then...

Podiumchampagne  DSC3900w-760x506 cLaurensMorel


27/ 07 / 2013
After the protests yesterday, we are 3rd going into the medal race! Follow the medal race live at 2.30pm on the link below.


26/ 07/ 2013

This morning the clouds brought some wind to our race course. We started a race in 5-7knts with unregular wind pressure, choppy waves and in the transition of the current. Very tricky. After a super good pin end start, we did a good strategy and crossed the fleet to pick up the right pressure, but we were a little late with some tactical decisions and with some small mistakes we finished the race 13th.
Before our next race, a big storm came over and we had to sail back for safety reasons. We then launched again and the last race of the day was sailed in 5-6knts, with more than 40m/min of current in the same direction as the wind. Again, we did a super start and applied our strategy, although it did not pay for the first upwind, it was very successful on the second lap. Our 2nd place moved us into 4th position before the medal race tomorrow!!! The top 10 boats will sail this race which counts double points. We are only 3 points behind 3rd, we will play for the bronze medal of the World Championship tomorrow!!!

If you want to follow us live tomorrow, here will be the medal race tracking.


Capture decran 2013-07-26 a 18.55.28

Capture decran 2013-07-26 a 18.24.40


25/ 07/ 2013
A very long day again. After waiting until 3pm on shore, we went on the water to try to start. But due to not enough wind, the race comitee sent us home. 2 hours later, we tried again with 6-7knts and 40m/min of current in the face. After a really good start, we could keep on going with a super good speed. After half of the leg we were top 5. But bad luck for us, a big pressure came from the right side and the group from the right could cross in front. With so much current in the face, a little more pressure makes a big difference. So we finished 17th and droped down to 9th overall. The points are super tight, we keep fighting.Tomorrow we are supposed to do 4 races from 10.30am on... but the wind predictions look not so good.


24/ 07/ 2013
Last day of qualification. We sailed 5 races in 8-14knts with very strong current.
Our day didnt start how we expected. After a few meters on the water, we broke our rudder fitting, so we had to go back on shore and change it. Thanks to the Nacra Team and some sailors, we could attach the new pieces in 15 minutes and still arrive just in time for the start... what a stressful morning!
We were super happy with our speed upwind but for sure we still have some manoeuvers and the downwind to improve. With race results of 3,5,2,1, (20), we are very satisfied of our performance.

We are going into the finals in 3rd position tomorrow. Go go go !!!


23/ 07 / 2013
We waited until 5pm to go on the water to try to race in very light wind and strong current. No succes. We will sail 5 races tomorrow!


22/ 07 / 2013

No wind today on the race course. We did try to race, but with almost 2 knots of current, it was impossible to start.
We will try again tomorrow, but the wind prediction does not look very good...


21 / 07 / 2013
Ready to start tomorrow!!! After a good practice race in 10knts, we feel ready to start the World championship tomorrow. 2 groups of 32 boats are going to fight during 3 days for qualifications. Then, from Thursday on, the top 25 boats will sail in the gold fleet, following by the silver fleet.
Light wind are predicated but we will see if any seabreeze will build up with the hot temperatures we have at the moment in Scheveningen.

You can follow the races on the website of the event

Photos of the practice race:

IMG 5681 recadre

IMG 5685 recadre

20 / 07 / 2013

We did the mesurement yesterday, all good! Our boat is ready! Today, a day off to recharge the batteries and be ready to start the World Championship on Monday. Tomorrow, practice race.

2013 WC 21july


15 / 07 / 2013

We arrived quite early in Scheveningen, Holland, to prepare our World Championship. Sebbe was coaching us for the first bloc of training. Strong wind 15-23knts and big waves...just what we came for. The goal was to push a little more in the bear away and in the downwind... so Nat was wearing a little helmet just in case :) and yes it was usefull! We were super happy with our improvement in those strong conditions.

And after the strong wind, we have a big anticyclone on our head (with super hot temperature in Switzerland) so that means not so much wind in Holland...but it's good to train the light wind condition as well with our training partner Ikker Martinez and the coach from the federation Laurent Voiron.

Great job, 6 more days to go before the Worlds start on Monday 22nd of July...


DSC 0060 taille

DSC 0066 recadre

Training Scheveningen recadre



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