European Championship

European Championship

5th overall at the Europeans! Read our last e-news

24/ 8/ 2013
The north wind was blowing 15-20knts in the morning, but started to decrease and turning to the south when we were launching. So we waited that the breaze stabilize a little. We started a race in 5knts of south wind. After a good start we were approching the top mark in 2nd position, with our close concurrents behind but the race has been cancelled as the target time was not reached.
For the second race, we did as well a wonderful start pin end but the tactic was really wrong and we were quite fare behind at the first mark. It was hard to end up this week with such a disappointing race, but finishing 5th overall at the Europeans is a good performance and we are happy with what we learnd and with our wonderfull season 2013.
We will keep working hard during this winter with lot of hours on the water and at the gym. Thanks to all of you for your support. It was great to get your positive waves everyday, since we started! Merci

Day 4

23/ 8/ 2013
After waiting on shore for the breaze to pick up, we could sail 3 races in 10-13knts of south wind. We broke a batten in the mail sail just before the first race, so it was quite stressfull to start the day like this. We managed good strategy and starts for the race 2 and 3. For sure we took a bit of risks, but it paid. Really nice day with the races of 7th, 2nd, 2nd.
The medal race tomorrow will be super intense. The 10 first boats will participate in this race, which count double and we cannot discard. We are second overall at the moment, same point as the 1st, 2 points to the 3rd and 5 to the 4th. Have a look :)



22/ 8/ 2013
The typical south wind was blowing today up to 14knts. We felt confortable with our speed upwind and downwind. We had a really good day but with few little mistakes which made us loose 5-6 points over the whole day. With our places of 4, 7,1 we are back in the game on the 2nd position overall. Tomorrow, we are suppose to sail 3 more races, then we will get a second drop in the results (we can discard the 2 worst results of the serie), before heading to the medal race on Saturday with the top 10 boats. Go go go, keep fighting hard!


21/ 8/ 2013
The south wind took a bit of time to fill in this morning. We start the day with 8knts of windy which increases to 10-11knts for the last race. The first race was a not as good as we wanted as we had to start pin end, which was not in our strategy. Then we fight hard to come back. Second race, we sailed really nice and gain places all over the race. But at the end we were OCS (start too early) and got disqualify. Then on the last race, we needed to be safe on the starting line, so we take a ok start and tack early to go on the right shore to get the land effect. We did small positioning mistakes but we are happy with our speed upwind and downwind. Now with the races 12, OCS, 6 we dropped to 6th overall. Points are tight and we still have 6 races to go. So hop Swiss !!!

pics from Sebbe today

DSC 0273 petit

DSC 0393 petit

A picture from day 1 @Laurens Morel

First day

 20/ 8 / 2013
A big storm came trough yesterday evening and killed the wind system a little. When we arrived on the boat park this morning, we had a strong North wind of 25knts. It decreased a bit to 15knts, gusting 23 for the 2 first races, then lighter 10-15knts. The goal of the day was to be regular, without taking too much risk. We did good starts but the best we did was the tactic. We took all the good shifts and pressures, upwind and downwind. We were quite accurated on the tactic which gave us a really good day: 4th, 7th and 1st. We are very pleased with our day but the regatta is still long, as we have 12 races on the planning and 1 medal race. So we keep fighting hard. Tomorrow, we start at 1pm, with the blue dot (means 2nd overall) .


44 teams from 18 nations will race on lake Como from tomorrow on. The training conditions we had until now were absolutly awesome! 12-15knts everyday, with sun and 30°. It's quite different to sail on a lake than on the sea and therefore we needed a bit of time adapte our settings and our way to sail. But after 5 days of training here, we are ready to start ... Here the website of the event
Some pictures from our coach Sebbe

 DSC 0131 -redi


DSC 0094 redim

DSC 0119 redim

DSC 0075 redim



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