Second training bloc in Santander

Second training bloc in Santander

Crazy waves and strong wind for those 10 days in Spain...

Hard sailing conditions for our second training session in Santander. The temperatures were pretty down, with lots of rain and wind ... tough weather conditions which make sailors stronger!!!
Outside the bay, we have been surfing big waves and sailed 25knts of speed downwind... a bit scary, but lucky us we had a little helmet which made us feel much safer on board. Believe me, when you crash in a wave and go from 25knts of speed to 0 in few seconde, you get lots of G-force and can fly very very high :) And you never know where you will end up ...

santanderNov2013-DSC03714 reduit

santanderNov2013-DSC03731 reduit

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SantanderNov2013-DSCF1462 reduit

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