Rio Test Event and our latest Enews

Rio Test Event and our latest Enews

We won the Medal Race ... youpppi !!!
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Medal race:
We started the race with 18knots gusting 20knots and super shifty. After a port start, we did a really good tactic upwind to round the 1st mark in 2nd position. After an amazing downwind, we round 1st and since then we kept our lead. A little tricky moment before the finishing line which was a reach/dead angle :) This is really not something we are use to do.. and super hard in 20 knots but we managed to keep the boat more or less under control and cross the finish line in first.

After a hard week with lots of mistakes, we are super happy to finish this Test Event on a really positive race and 8th overall
JK 1-1000

Day 4:

We were sailing on the Medal race course today after the RSX final. The wind started to die and after waiting an hour on the water, we came back on shore. Tomorrow Medal race at 12h50

Day 3:
We sailed on a different race course today. After a postponement, the seabreeze picked up nicely up to 13knots. One side was really better but we had difficult starts and most of the time we could go to the right place! We are still sitting in 10th position and we will keep fighting hard tomorrow for the last day of racing before the medal race. Here are all the results

photo by ISAF

Day 2:
It was a really tricky day under the bridge of Rio. The wind was shifting 50° with patches of gusts all over the race course. We didnt really manage to sail as good as we hoped and we scored a 13th, 8th and 8th.

Day 1:
The seabreeze didn't manage to come through today. Tomorrow 4 races are scheduled. A cold front will pass during the night which will result of a good 20knts of wind and 2 meters swell on the offshore racing courses. Lots of fun!


After a week of hard work in Rio, we are starting on Monday the first Olympic Test event.

We have had really nice conditions with 6-14knots and sunshine. The water has been quite clean while the tide has been going in (fresh water from the ocean entering the bay), but from now on the tide has turned and already we have begun to see and smell much more the dirty water.. !

JK DSC3124 1000

JK DSC3068 1000

Rio-sugarleaf-TEAMBB 1000

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